Reason for real hope.

I’ve seen it mentioned all over the internet, as I tried to get caught up on what went on in Washington on Tuesday. Here’s the stat, and it doesn’t surpries me: of the 200,000+ people who gathered for the March for Life, what is easily the nation’s largest annual public demonstration of any kind, at least 75 percent of them were under the age of 25.

It’s easy to reach for facile explanations that diminish the significance of that, to say perhaps, yeah, they’re the ones who have the time and opportunity to travel, they don’t have to work, etc. But don’t miss the fact that this March has been going on for 35 years now, and a statistic like this was not always the case. It has, though, become increasingly the case for several years now.

Lest you think that’s just hopeful thinking seeping into the observations of enthusiastic participants, note that it is noted prominently throughout the Washington Post‘s coverage of the event, which carried the headline, “A Youthful Throng Marches Against Abortion.” See also their article, “Movement Gets a Youthful Infusion,” which they published the previous day.

Also heartening is this article, with cool photos, about the vigil Mass held at the National Shrine on the campus of Catholic University of America, attended by an overload crowd of 8000+:
videos here.

“But far and away the bulk of the congregation was youth, youth who also filled the crypt of the church below the main floor.”

Check out the

Think about what that bodes for the future. It’s good.


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