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This is sort of fun.  I’ve been asked to be a presenter for the Catholic Writers Conference Online, an online writers’ conference scheduled for May 2-9, 2008.  It’s sponsored by the Catholic Writers Guild and Canticle Magazine.  Interesting idea.  My topic: “The Feature Article in the Catholic Press: Developing Ideas and Querying Editors.”  (I was even more flattered by the invitation when I noticed some of the other presenters whose names are already noted on the conference website.) The website is here, though it seems there will be plenty added as more plans develop in coming months.

Speaking of writing and writers, this week I submitted an article to The Writer,  which will appear in the magazine’s May issue.  It, too, is on developing article ideas.


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  1. Karina Fabian Says:

    Barry, we are glad to have you!

    BTW, the Catholic Writers’ Conference Online is completely FREE and open to Catholic writers of all levels, gernres and interests. If you’d like to attend, go to http://www.conference.catholicwritersguild.org. You’ll find more information there as well.

    We have about 20 presenters so far, though not all have given us the summaries of their workshops. We’re covering everything from plotting to publishing, editing to ethics, and memoirs to marketing. Come join us!


    Karina Fabian
    Pres, Catholic Writers’ Guild
    Coordinator, Catholic Writers’ Conference Online

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