Thanks, Ms. Ramirez!

When I announced the names of the winners of the Saints essay contest on my website last week, I neglected to include mention one cool prize.  I had offered a free copy of the book to the library of the school from which the highest number of entries came. 

And that would be Belen Jesuit High School, in Miami.  Just about every one of the essays from Belen Jesuit students bore the name of one teacher: Ms. Cristina Ramirez, an English teacher at the school.  (And as you’ll note below, one of Ms. Ramirez’s students, Manuel Anton, was the second-place winner of the contest.)

I certainly appreciate the encouragement that Ms. Ramirez gave to her students in participating in the contest — in whatever form it might have come!  (As a high school teacher myself, I’m well aware, there’s encouragement, and then there’s encouragement.)  I hope writing the essays brought her students, and the many others who participated from around the U.S. as well as Canada, a new awareness of the ever-relevant lessons and wisdom that the saints offers to us today.  Judging by all that I read, there is ample evidence that that’s the case. 


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  1. Eileen Lech Says:

    Dear Mr. Michaels,

    Thank you for sponsoring the “Saints for Our Times Essay.” Our daughter, Kristina Lech received an Honorable Mention. At school, they were given the assignment in computer class to “google their name;” when she did, she learned she’d received an Honorable Mention in the Essay contest.
    We hope you’ll post all the Honorable Mentions on your blog site. It would be a great way for us to send relatives/friends to your blog site to view Kristina’s essay as well as expose them to the other articles.

    Thank you.


    Eileen Lech

  2. Barry Michaels Says:

    That sounds like a fine idea to me. Coming right up.

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