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Happy New Year, and Happy Feast of Mary, the Mother of God!

On this first day of 2008, I’ve decided to make another try at a public blog, as a companion to my website,  

I did this once before, probably three years ago.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and liked the more personal contact it allowed me to have with people stopping by my website.  I ultimately gave up blogging because I found I didn’t have the time to make my blog what I wanted it to be, given the important parts of my life that ranked above it in priority.  That is:

#1: wife and kids

#2: full time job

#3: freelance writing for magazines and newspapers, as well as larger book projects, all of which help pay the bills around here, in addition to being a means of living out my baptismal call to share my faith with others.  

Though each of those things are still parts of my life and have the same kind of priority for me, I’ve decided to give blogging a go once again.  Why do I think it will work out any better this time?  Mainly, I’m not going to try to make it the major undertaking I wanted to previous blog to be.  I don’t expect to provide big & worthwhile blog posts on a daily basis.  I’ll be happy if I do it weekly.   I don’t expect readers to come back here frequently, in the way that wonderful blogs like Amy Welborn’s Charlotte was Both, Mike Aquilina’s The Way of the Fathers, and Mark Shea’s Catholic and Enjoying It are usually a part of my own morning regimen.   

But I hope you’ll find yourself visiting occasionally, just to stop by and see what’s new here.  (On my own computer, I organize my favorite blogs under two categories: “primary,” the great ones I visit daily, and “secondary,” the ones I visit a couple of times a month, when I have a little more free time.  What I have in mind here is something I hope you’ll consider “secondary.”)  I’ll offer occasional reflections, as well as updates about what kinds of projects I’m working on and publishing. 

Thanks for stopping by!


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